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Motion Analysis 

Our motion analysis is a complete evaluation of your gait using high-end technology imported from Germany. The evaluation begins with a comprehensive physical evaluation with one of our physical therapists specially trained in gait analysis. The physical therapist will determine any factors that may contribute to your pain, injury, or performance. To do this, we use our state of the art high-speed cameras paired with computer software. This system has the capability to slow down footage in real time to less than one hundredth of a second with up to four camera angles. This enables us to see information about your movement that normally could not be seen.

Using the information gathered our therapists can then take measurements and mark angles to help pinpoint any weaknesses or abnormalities in your form. Once these have been identified, we use research grade electromyography (EMG,) to determine the weak muscles causing the irregularities in your form. Our physical therapists are trained to then use the information found to help you modify your gait using techniques ranging from specialized exercises to advising you on how to move differently. In the end, Point Forward is committed to getting you feeling great and running injury free faster than ever before.

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Running Analysis

Runner's Bundle

90 minute evaluation: $250
45 minute follow up evaluation: $75
90 minute initial evaluation and 6 follow-up visits: $600
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