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How are you going to get there?

Sports Training

Training to become nothing but your very best takes time and dedication. We can help you become the best version of you, in any sport, with one-to-one sports training at Velocity Clubhouse in Stevens Point.
This highly customized training, designed specifically for your needs, is state-of-the-art, sure to give you a leg up on your competition.  We tailor training specific to the individual. Speed, power and agility are incorporated and specialized as needed.


Our proven formula:
Biomechanics + Injury Prevention = Maximum Performance

Our focus is on maximizing performance through biomechanics and injury prevention. We include injury prevention activities and listen to your vital feedback in all sessions. This special combination of sports training will give you the confidence to have the best season yet.
In addition to sports training, we also offer prevention programming for your all sports. We take pride in offering therapist-to-coach and therapist-to-team meetings so that we can share the best tips on decreasing injuries and keeping teams healthy — a recipe for champions!