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Imagine being able to move in new ways and without pain – to recover mobility, improve wellness, and enhance physical performance. Learn more about the newest technology at Point Forward Physical Therapy in today's showcase of the AlterG, an Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Alter G:

$0.50/minute - community members
$0.25/minute - current patients
$5 shorts rental
$49 shorts purchase

Alter G Packages:

(4) 90 minute sessions per week
$90/month (purchased shorts)
$115/month (shorts rental)
Gym Membership + (4) 90 minute sessions per week
$110/month (purchased shorts)
$135/month (shorts rental)

Point Forward Physical Therapy is now home to the Via AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ system.  Have you forgotten what it’s like to walk or run without pain or move without the fear of falling?  Our system can help you! Whether you want to get back to life as quickly as possible after an orthopedic or running injury, surgery, or you want to gain strength and endurance while managing a neurological condition or chronic disease  – AlterG can give you the capability to achieve your goals.

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