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Performance Training


Join the highly qualified physical therapists from Point Forward Physical Therapy for sport-specific training, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.  Our goal is to identify any risk factors for injury and develop a personalized training program that will help improve the strength, power, agility, coordination, and flexibility needed for your particular sport to help achieve your maximum athletic potential.

Our priority is to ensure your safety and health while participating in sports.  During your first session, you will be brought through a series of tests that will assess your strength, flexibility, and biomechanics during activity using a video tracking system.  Using this information, the physical therapist will be able to determine risk factors for injury and adjust your personalized training plan to minimize the risk of injury.  In addition, our staff values collaboration with coaches and will work to address issues your coach may see, and take opportunities to meet with your team to share the best tips for decreasing injury to ensure the safety of your entire team for the season.

Your physical therapist will develop a personalized training program to address any deficits you may have to maximize your strength, speed, power, and coordination needed for maximal performance in your sport.  Using the information gathered during our biomechanical video screenings, a therapist with professional training in recognizing and correcting improper biomechanics will give you vital feedback during your training to ensure proper form and technique.  Using high-quality equipment and turf field, our goal is to maximize your independence in proper training and technique so that you will carry it with you into practice and competition.


Group (2-4)

30 minutes: $55
10 - 30 minutes sessions: $500
45 minutes: $45
10 - 45 minute sessions: $400
Prices are per participant; contact us for team or large group pricing

Gift Certificates Available!

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